Permanent makeup machines

Wireless, precise, lightweight yet powerful compact ArtInk device for those who values the quality.

ArtInk ONE PMU Machine

ArtInk PMU system is equipped with new generation German magnetic rotary motor which offers powerful performance, energy efficiency, fast needle output and silent operation.

The ArtInk ONE panel

Is intuitive, intelligent touch-operated system. It has a built-in LCD display that shows the mode of operation, the speed at which the needle moves in the selected mode. The system has 4 automatic modes. ArtInk ONE is energy efficient, compact and durable device.

Innovative smart touch to operate smoothly with build in option tap to wake up and tap to pause machine operation. Its flat overall surface is specially designed to aid easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance. The CE mark confirms that ArtInk ONE meets all required directives.
The built-in battery makes this machine portable, independent on external wired power supply. It allows you to work without electricity for up to approximately 10 hours.

The ArtInk Handpiece

Quiet, ergonomic and lightwaight made of the highest quality material easy to keep clean and sanitise between clients.
It has an adjustable needle extension in the range 0-3mm.
Elegant, black, ceramic handle equipped with German powerful engine with minimised vibration to provide high class results and comfort for therapist during the pmu procedures.
It comes with very practical magnetic block to rest the handpiece during the work.


Disposable, sterile ArtInk cartridges were developed to provide comfort, stability and confidence.
Our cartridges have unique screw in system to provide confidence during the treatment.
Thanks for the silicon membrane they provide 100% safety for client and therapist.
Outer shell is made of the medical grade plastic with silicon grip and it unique design controls of steady flow of the pigment.
Needle itself is made of high grade steel, it work very stable in its output to give precise movements and minimise skin damage.

In the package

  • ArtInk panel
  • ArtInk pmu handle
  • ArtInk holder block
  • Power adaptor
  • USB single line
  • Box with cartridges (10pc)
  • Instruction and warranty card


Model: ArtInk ONE

Function: Permanent Makeup Machine.

Usage: Suitable for Eyebrows/Small Area Tattoo/Skin Management
Body of Machine Material: Aluminum Alloy

Net Weight: Panel 439g/ Hand Piece 70g, Total Net

Weight :570g

Hand Piece Size: Wide 18mm, Height 92mm

Panel Size: Length 204mm/Wide 119mm/Height 31mm

Voltage: Input Voltage: 110-220V; Output Voltage: 2.7V-12V
Machine Current: 600mA

Speed: 17500-22000 RPM

Suitable Needles Cartridge: 1R/ 3R/5R/ 3F/ 5F/ 7F/ U9/ MTS12/ NANO Square